From buying flowers in flower shop to speculate your personality

flower shop

In our daily life, we will buy flowers in flower shop sometimes. But do you know that, even such a small thing like buying flowers can exposure the secrets of your personality. so let us check the test below to find out your weakness and strength.

Begin the Test:

Mother’s day is coming soon, you will purchase a bunch of flowers to your mom. There are fore flower stores have carnations with the same price. Their only difference is the people who take care of the stores. Which store do you buy the flowers then?

A) The store with a handsome man
B) The store with a kind grandma
C) The store with a sweet girl
D) The store with a young woman who has a kid

Test Result:

• Choose A: You are a stubborn person. You will resist strongly to those things you don’t like. With a personality like this, it is very hard to make a good impression to others when first meet. But, after long time connection, people will find you have a sense of justice, and they would like become your friend.

• Choose B: You are a sophisticated person, doing thing very carefully. You have a wide network of contacts, and everything goes on well with you. But easy to be think cunning by other people.

• Choose C: You are a very innocent person. Most people you are as sweet as carnations. But you have a short temper, easy to hurt your closed friends.

• Choose D: You are very childish. You don’t have much patience and with a bad temper as well. Generally speaking, you are extremely suspicious. If other people talking around you, you will think they are making comments to you. Only your mother can give you spiritual comfort.


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