Are you satisfied for life?

for life

Happiness is based on your satisfaction of your current life, and our satisfaction for life also reflects our expected value and the actual situation, let’s take the test below and find out if you are satisfied with your current life.


Begin the Test:

If there is an afterlife, what kind animal will you choose to be?

A) Squirrel

B) Fish

C) Goose

D) Tiger


Test Result:

Choose A:      Your adaptability is very strong, therefore you can live happily under any kind environment. You are very satisfied with your life. But you are still working hard, strive for higher.


Choose B:      You are not very satisfied with your life, because you have been troubled by boring chores for a long time, can not face what you really want in your heart, and you don’t have much along time, so you hate this world. You want to travel, but there are always so much need to do, so your travel plan can never process.


Choose C:      Your satisfaction of your life is about half and half. You are satisfied about your capacity. You are not satisfied of the timing, didn’t give you a chance to use your ability. But you still have hope of life, hoping one day, there will be a stage for you to be success.


Choose D:      Your satisfaction if over 50%. You have ideas, have high expectation of yourself, but lack of ability. Why not give yourself a short-term goal? Take one step at a time.


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