Will you marry with nothing like free marriage?

free marriage

“No room in the first year without a diamond ring, do not do a wedding or honeymoon.” Flower block money to manage a marriage certificate. Such a naked marriage. Do you dare? Do you think that love is higher than the material? Will you marry with nothing like free marriage? Take a look at the test below.

Begin the Test:

If you want to be a singer, what kind of singer would you choose to be?

A) Singing love song

B) Rocker

C) Absolute power singer

D) Creative singer

E) A singer that can dance

F) Attractive singer

Test Result:

Choose A:      There is only one ideal of your life. It is to be a guardian of a secure home. For this plain happiness and stability, you are willing to struggle. If you love someone, even if you are naked, you are willing to. However, you are so eager for family because you have a very uneasy feeling in your heart. You will also worry about daily necessities, and you will be tempted by spiritual emptiness. Even after marriage, it will not make you feel at ease. Because of the poor economic foundation, after marriage, you will worry about the trivial life.

Choose B:      When love comes. You will ignore everything and invest in it. Will also choose to choose a naked marriage. At that time, the other person is all in your eyes. You really like the sweetness and lingering love. Few tangled up on the problems of clothing, food, housing and transportation after bare marriage. You believe that as long as there is love, everything else is not a problem. After reason, maybe you will face reality, but you still think love is more important. because. For you, a person who lacks love is simply a walking corpse.

Choose C:      You are a traditional person. In your opinion, marriage is a major event in life and cannot be sloppy. You will never choose naked marriage. In your opinion, marriage still has to look like a marriage, and it will organize weddings according to traditional concepts.

Choose D:      You are a very realistic person. You know what it means to get married, so you won’t get married easily and you won’t be naked. You know, if the house, car, work, etc. are not in place, then the married life is miserable. You think that marriage is more appropriate only if you have a stable career foundation and a strong material backing.

Choose E:       Between bread and love, you prefer to choose bread. It may be influenced by the environment from a young age. You will feel that there are no Reliance packs. Then what about the rest? You pay great attention to the quality of life and stress the mood. This is all linked to money. It is impossible for you to choose naked marriage.

Choose F:       It is the kind of person who is in between the ideal and the reality. On the one hand, you have a wonderful illusion about love and expect to reap the fruits of love. On the other hand, you are cautious about marriage. You will consider everything. Only when the time is right will you choose to get married. And will not be naked marriage. This kind of you. Marital life will be more satisfactory.


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