You are full potential in which career?

full potential

You are full potential in which career?

You get lost in a jungle and it is getting dark. There is only a small house there, you are forced to ask the house owner to let you overnight there. The owner tells you that the rooms in the house are haunted. Which room would you choose?

A. A person staring at you fiercely from outside
B. Sound of door open and close and the woman sigh
C. A shaking bed that stop you to sleep
D. A headless ghost sitting beside the bed

Test Results:

A. A job allowing you to have your own space suit you the best. Although you might not earn much from the job, but at least you have a stable income. The job is quite stable without influenced by other factors. A person staring you symbolize how other thinks about you. Outside the room symbolize you are not affected easily. Such as teacher. You won’t lose your job easily even if your students don’t like you. Government servant is also a good choice for you.

B. You like to work under a quiet environment, especially job post like manager or planner. Sound of door and sigh of woman symbolize the pressure form the superior. You willing to work in air-conditioned room compare to be under the hot sun. You are creative and think quick. Job like network engineer, accountant or technology-related engineer is suitable for you.

C. You are suitable for the job that need a lot of movement. You are energetic. Sitting in office is too boring for you because you dislike being restricted. Thus, you tend to choose the job that need to walk around and travel around such as selling insurance, property agent and so on. A shaking bed symbolize you being rejected when promoting your product. Job like tour guide or driver can be categorized under this category too.

D. You are doing well to communicate with others, thus the job that need to face to public is a good option to you. Such as artist and politician that needed support from public. Headless ghost sitting beside the bed means that this person is close to you, but you can’t figure out who he is. Just like a baseball superstar have a lot of supporters but he doesn’t know who are them. Public relation staff, shop worker or bank service personnel are suitable for you.


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