How is your funny sayings when you are with a heterosexual couple?

funny sayings

Humor is a kind of ability. It is a way of self-paradox and self-relaxation. Moderate humor can make the opposite sex give you a good feeling. How is your funny sayings when you are with a heterosexual couple? Let’s take the test below.


Begin the Test:

If you want to have a romantic date with the other half. Which of the following dating sites is the best place for you?

  1. By the lake
  2. Hotel
  3. Pub
  4. Peak
  5. Night market
  6. Park
  7. Amusement park
  8. Cafe
  9. Theater


Test Result:

Choose A:      You are a very thoughtful, attentive and romantic person. The degree of humor can only be average. Choose the lake, the environment is quiet, suitable for the talks about the heart of the meeting, very few people bother to show that you do not like the excitement, there is a tendency of autism in the temperament, but do not like to deal with people.


Choose B:      Obviously, you like absolutely two people to get along alone. However, over time, the other party may feel bored. Your level of humor is quite average.


Choose C:      You are a very humorous person and love to show off. You are outgoing and able to play. Choose a lively place and show that you have the desire to show yourself. What you need to pay attention to is, don’t just play with yourself, ignore the other person, and enjoy the fun together.


Choose D:      Choose the top of the hill and show that you like to look at things from the top. Choosing such a high place shows that you are very enthusiastic and aggressive, but on the surface, you are very calm. You don’t express your feelings, but you can occasionally come to a bit of cold humor to make the other person feel less than you think.


Choose E:       You are a very special person. You are very funny and can often laugh at the opposite sex. Choosing the night market shows that you mostly care about your own ideas, but it is also true that the other person thinks you are very forthright and that you are more interested in you. Your words and practices often make the other person think that you really are a very humorous person.


Choose F:       You are a very lazy person. You don’t even want to tease yourself. How can you make fun with others? You have no sense of humor at all, and you often ignore the other person’s mood and cause conflicts. Why not try to be positive? Take the initiative to fight, hard to maintain, love will be long, or love is easy to disappear.


Choose G:     You have a natural innocence. You will come up with ideas, amuse each other. When you get along with others, you are naturally generous and the other person will feel very reliable. Colleagues, your special temperament and witty words also deeply attracted each other. You have a good sense of humor.


Choose H:      You value things more, and even think that love is irrigated with money. You are always reluctant to give your heart, and you have too many external packaging, and you are always hypocritical for something. It makes you look boring and has no sense of humor.


Choose I:       Can’t you date without watching movies? Obviously, you are a very old-fashioned person. You always let other people’s ideas dominate your life. There can be no strange thoughts and ideas, and the sense of humor is not with you.


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