Are you a gentle care person?

gentle care

All female are naturally gentle, and sometimes some males are gentle too. No matter how strong you appear on the outside, everyone will has a gentle side. Are you a gentle care person? Let us take a look at the test below to see your result. (Each answer has a corresponding guide to the next question, please continue to the next question directed at the end of your answer)

Begin the Test:
1) Do you know how to interact with people of opposite sex?
A) Yes (continue to question 2)
B) No (continue to question 3)

2) You’re trying to meet a job deadline, and your computer just stopped working, will you be angry?
A) Yes (continue to question 4)
B) No (continue to question 5)

3) Somebody stepped on the tulips in the park, you saw a boy just happened to passed by, do you think he did it?
A) Yes (continue to question 6)
B) No (continue to question 7)

4) You saw two people ballroom dancing in the park, and do you heard a scream, who did you think got stepped on?
A) The male (continue to question 8)
B) The female (continue to question 9)

5) When watch a romantic tearing movie, will you cry?
A) Yes (continue to question 10)
B) No (continue to question 11)

6) Your friend just broke up, will you spend 4-5 hours enlighten he/she?
A) Yes (continue to question 9)
B) No (continue to question 10)

7) Your bus just left when you arrive at the bus station, will you wait for the next one?
A) Yes (continue to question 11)
B) No (continue to question 12)

8) You saw a man and a woman are quarreling on the street in the morning, the woman is scolding the man, and the man has his head down. What do you think happened to them?
A) The man knocked over the woman’s purse (continue to question 13)
B) The man cheated on the woman (continue to question 14)

9) If a average looking person ask you out, do you normally reject?
A) Yes (continue to question 13)
B) No (continue to question 15)

10) You’re having a fortune telling, and the fortune teller tells you your spouse is going to have a bad luck year, you will?
A) Don’t believe, but will take caution (continue to question 15)
B) Have your spouse wear a lucky charm (continue to question 16)

11) If your lover is late less then 30 minutes, can you hold your temper?
A) Yes (continue to question 17)
B) No (continue to question 18)

12) If a celebrity agent invite you for an audition on the street, what do you think?
A) Good, give it a shot (continue to question 18)
B) It must be deceptive (continue to question 19)

13) Your spouse often despair suddenly?
A) Yes (continue to question 20)
B) No (continue to question 21)

14) When you’re cleaning your spouse’s room, you found porn video, what will you do?
A) Find a time and talk to he/she (continue to question 21)
B) Throw away the disk (continue to question 22)

15) Your spouse like to watch drama, but you are not interested, you will?
A) Not watch with he/she (continue to question 22)
B) Adapt slowly (continue to question 23)

16) Your coworker knows your spouse, they are even friends?
A) Yes (continue to question 24)
B) No (continue to question 25)

17) You suddenly want to see him/her, will you wait for him/her at his/her work?
A) Yes (continue to question 23)
B) No (continue to question 24)

18) There’s a collect to win prize event at supermarket, will you join?
A) Yes (continue to question 25)
B) No (continue to question 26)

19) Do you like to travel with a tourist group?
A) Yes (continue to question 27)
B) No (continue to question 26)

20) Did you lost multiple cell phones these years?
A) Yes (continue to Type A)
B) No (continue to question 28)

21) Do you like to buy some sweet and fruit to reward yourself?
A) Yes (continue to question 28)
B) No (continue to question 29)

22) You don’t like smoking, but your spouse does, what will you do?
A) Tell he/she to quit (continue to Type A)
B) Tell he/she to go to a particular place to smoke (continue to question 30)

23) Are you the one did the most talking when you hang out with friend?
A) Yes (continue to question 29)
B) No (continue to question 30)

24) You really like the handbag that is very popular this year, but you already saw three people carrying it on the street, you will?
A) Not buy (continue to question 19)
B) Still buy (continue to Type D)

25) It takes an hour to get to your home by bus, what will you do on the bus?
A) Sleep (continue to question 30)
B) Read book or listen to the music (continue to question 21)

26) Someone is asking you for direction but he/she can’t understand you, you will?
A) Draw a map for he/she (continue to Type F)
B) Tell he/she to ask someone else (continue to question 25)

27) Do you always accidentally drop something on your clothes when you eat?
A) Yes (continue to question 29)
B) No (continue to Type E)

28) Your spouse said you look like a celebrity that you don’t like, you will?
C) Very unhappy, say you don’t look like he/she (continue to Type A)
D) Change your appearance (continue to Type B)

29) A girl is in the dancing class, and her mother is waiting for hours, what you think?
A) It’s hard to be a parent (continue to Type B)
B) The mother must enjoy watch her daughter dance (continue to Type C)
30) Your heard you and your spouse name on the radio, what do you think?
A) This must be a surprise from your spouse (continue to Type C)
B) They have the some names you do (continue to Type D)

Test Result:
Type A: Your gentle is still a seed, doesn’t know what you can do with it yet. In other words, you still at the selfish stage, doing whatever you want, self-centered, hasn’t get a habit of think from other people’s perspective view yet. If you are willing to change, your gentle has exponential ability, he/she will be completely convinced under do your gentleness.

Type B: You are actually very gentle inside, but your outside appearance only shows toughness, you’re very easy to get hurt and a very needed for people to love and care about you. Please take of your tough mask and be the real gentle you, you will discover this world is very beautiful.

Type C: You are a very contradictory person. You have contradiction about everything, even to your lover. You want your spouse to think you are gentle and sweet, but I also you don’t want he/she to take advantage of you, you think you have your own mind and character. And this contradiction made you uncomfortable. The most important thing is you care about he/she from your heart, he/she will realize that.

Type D: Your gentle is just right, you showed love, at the same times kept your characteristic. The most important thing is you know what do you need, but you still lost your control of your emotions sometimes, and that might surprise people and cause them to have some opinions.

Type E: Your biggest characteristic is your shyness and gentle. You care a lot about your friends and lover and you are very tolerant of your surroundings. But your obedience might cause people to ignore you because they think you are lack of self character. So please be more careful.

Type F: Your gentle is your biggest advantage. You are generous and decent, you are the ideal lover for anybody, you support your other half with everything you got, but other than relationship, you should pursing something else, otherwise you will lose yourself. What do you think?


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