Look at your ability for getting along with others

getting along with others

Look at your ability for getting along with others

You decided to cook curry chicken for dinner, however, you forgot to buy carrot. What are you going to do?

A: Go out and buy carrot
B: Cook other dishes
C: It meant to be, and let it be.
D: Not cooking then, call pizza delivery


A: This type of person has gradually realized what the man wants in the process of growing up, and will come up with the best way to treat men.

B: This type of person is completely living in his/her own world. All sources of information are obtained from television or books. This knowledge is very inaccurate in the real world. Men will think that she is like a child, too lazy to care for her.

C: This type of people has the virtues of traditional good-natured women in their hearts. They feel that they are hard to meet their beloved ones. They must manage this relationship well, so they will pay quietly and do a lot of things for each other.

D: This type of person is like a boy when she is with the boy. Because she is easy getting along with others, she has a lot of things, and she is more neutral, so the boys basically regard her as a buddy.


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