What kind of good friends do you like to make?

good friends

To make friends, some people value the like-mindedness, others value the interests, and you, what kind of good friends do you like to make?

Begin the Test:

If you are a college student who has just graduated, your landlord will drive out because you have no money to pay for the rent. At this time, you encountered your former classmate. He said to go to his place for one night. How would you answer?
A) You are really my savior, that’s great
B) Thank you, that’s ok, I’ll go the hotel for the night
C) That’s not good, that’s too much trouble for you

Test Result:

Choose A:      You are very focused on communicating with people on a spiritual level. You like to make friends who can communicate on a long-term, tacit understanding. Maybe you and your friends will also quarrel due to disagreement, but this will not affect your feelings. After the quarrel, you are still very good friends.

Choose B:      You are most disgusted with being misunderstood. Gossip makes you angry, but you do not want to expand, do not want to explain, just silently endure everything. However, there are many things and your patience is limited. It will inevitably cause mistrust and misunderstanding to others.

Choose C:      In your mind, friends should share everything about life and eat, drink, and play together. However, the friends you like to make are financially capable. The key moments can help you tide over the difficulties. What you can’t stand is money trouble. Therefore, if your friend has economic strength, you will feel that such a friend is too worthy of social interaction. Of course, you are not greedy, nothing will not borrow money, but you think that if something happens, such a friend can always help.


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