Know good job potential from the way you seek for help

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Know your good job potential from the way you seek for help

If you are a fish on a chopping board, a knife is moving toward you. It seems like you are going to be fish fillet soon, how would you seek for help if you want to save your life?

A. “There are elderly and kids in my family”, use this kind of words to gain sympathy
B. “I will give you the treasure in the palace if you let me go”, offer some deal as your strategy
C. “You will regret if you kill me”, try to threaten

Test Results:

A. Your caring and considerate might be the main reason to move other peoples. You always pretend to be poor is your tactic to gain sympathy from other peoples. You are a subtle person and you sensitive enough to know other’s emotion. You have the ability to use something from daily life or some event to move and comfort others. It is your potential to create something that can move and persuade others.

B. You illustrate the image of successful person in your heart to make you be the successful person that enviable. “It is good for you if you done this”, this is the way to raise the desire. Only people who is confident enough can only use this kind of tactic. You are optimistic and positive mindset like “just do it and you will success”. No matter which field are you in, you wish to be the best among all. You can turn your imaginary successful person into the reality by keep motivating yourself. It is your potential to be a successful person that is enviable.

C. You believe in yourself that you will be able to influence a lot of people. You know what kind of ability you have, you won’t apply this strategy if you are not confident enough. In fact, you have the ability to overcome difficulties. You have the potential to be an influential person with good job.


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