Test your personality based on the good taste you like

good taste

Everybody likes different food in the world. Based on the psychologists’ research, food can expose your personality. so what is your personality based on the good taste you like? Let’s take a look at the test below to see the result.


Begin the Test:

Which of the following taste you like the most?

A): Sour

B): Salty

C): Light


Test Result:

Choose A:  You are a workaholic, you want to be successful at your job. Although you did make a lot of achievement at your job, but in you are very lonely in the life, you like to stay away from people, live on your own, doesn’t have many friend


Choose B:  You are a very talented person, generous and steady. People who like to eat salty food are very rational, would be excellent at secretary jobs. And because of your rationality, you are lack of sensibility, ignore the importance of communication with others, cause people to think you’re a cold.


Choose C:  Opposite from people who like salty food, you think emotions amount people are very important. You think you can’t live without affections. You can’t work at an environment with lack of sensation, because that makes you feel depressed and insecure. On other hand, because of this, your dependency is very strong, very independent, lack of determination, better to work with others.



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