Does gossip net kill you?

gossip net

People often say that gossip net is terrible. It can be seen how rumors are hurting people. What do you usually do in the face of rumors? Do gossips net kill you? The following test will tell you.

Begin the Test:

If you are a travel author, which of the following locations did you recently choose to travel to?
A) Bhutan
B) Lijiang
C) Seoul
D) Xishuangbanna

Test Result:

Choose A:      You are usually vulnerable to gossip and easily fall into negative emotions. At this time, you need to be alone and gradually calm your emotions. You know, there are so many things in life that you need to do. You need to deal with it. You can’t let gossips disrupt your life. Then you can put it right and get out of the shadows. These seemingly absurd rumors will gradually dissipate over time. For you, the rumors of the past are the waves on the sea. Once passed, there is no longer any.

Choose B:      You are most disgusted with being misunderstood. Gossip makes you angry, but you do not want to expand, do not want to explain, just silently endure everything. However, there are many things and your patience is limited. It will inevitably cause mistrust and misunderstanding to others.

Choose C:      Your adaptability is super strong. It can be said that you can easily adapt to any environment. Gossip, you hear too much, so if anyone wants to hurt you, they are dreaming. You have already practiced the walls of the walls. For those rumors, you will be treated as a ridicule for yourself and become your talk of money after lunch.

Choose D:      You have your own opinion. There are so many gossips in the world. If they say anything casually, you will not really care about it. You will not change your mind because of what others say. It is your style to go it alone. You believe wise people will not believe rumors, but you are innocent. Therefore, it is impossible for you to do such things as rumors.


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