Test your character through hair design

hair design

In reality, some people like long hair, some people like short hair, some people like curly hair, others like straight hair……No matter what kind of hair design, as long as it suits yourself.But you may not know it, that you can also tell a person’s character through his hair design.Come and have this test!


Begin the Test:

If you have to keep the same hair style all the time,which one would you choose?

A): Short hair, no longer than the shoulder.

B): Long hair, but no more than waist.

C): Long hair and more than waist.


Test Result:

Choose A:  You are very confident, energetic, but also a little conceited, so your daily communication will be affected.It make you don’t have many friends.


Choose B:   You are clever, but you have a lot of trouble.You are shy and your life is passive.But you have many sincere friends to accompany you,a sincere attitude will make your life better.


Choose C:  Your personality is very independent and even rebellious,but when you face real life, you have some fear. You are a contradiction one.In addition, you have a good relationship with the opposite sex, and have a lot of admirers.


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