What is the colour of your halo live?

halo live

What is the colour of your halo live?

You sit in front of a mirror with white clothes, when you look yourself in the mirror, there is a halo appearing over your head. What colour do you think of the halo?

A.    Red

B.    Orange

C.     Green

D.    Aqua blue

E.     Blue

F.     Pink

G.    Yellow

H.    Yellow green

I.      Cyan

J.      Purple

Test Results:

A.    For those who chose red, they are energetic and be able to express themselves. They are passion for the theory and also have the ability to lead people.

B.    For those who chose orange, they like to teach others and passionate about the people and things around them. They have great charisma to affect others in the group activities. Besides that, they also have good relationship with others.

C.     For those who chose green, they show a good impression for others because they are always smiling. People think that they are a gentle person and be able to comfort them. However, there are ups and downs in relationship.

D.    For those who chose aqua blue, they are kind and sympathetic. They can communicate well with others even though it is the first meet. At the same time, they dislike being alone.

E.     For those who chose blue, they are patience and persistent in doing things and be able to work alone. Although they are good in intuition, but they are not good to express they point view through speech.

F.     For those who chose pink own the tenderness of woman and be able to adapt in social life. They are trustable. In their relationship, they emphasize on affection.

G.    For those who chose yellow, you are alert and active in mind. You are bold when taking action and make the people around you feel that you are energetic and youthful.

H.    For those who chose yellow green, you are steady and know how to talk effectively. Although you are not same as green colour type of person, but you also have the ability to comfort and heal people’s heart.

I.      For those who chose yellow cyan, you have a strong intuitive power. You can perform well in the field of art. Rather than start up a business, it is better for you to learn from others.

J.      For those who chose purple, you have strong creative ability and be able to plan things well to give strong impact to people. Although you sacrifice yourself, but there is also part of you being stubborn.


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