How is your handling systems with people and things?

handling systems

How is your handling systems with people and things?

Your friend is wearing a new cloth in front of you. But, you think that the cloth is too fancy and doesn’t suit him well. When he asks for your opinion, what would you do?

A. No matter how, you will try to give him compliment
B. Laughing quietly because you don’t know how to answer him
C. Just tell the truth, although other people are telling some compliment words, but you think it is against your conscience
D. Consider about his mood, you will praise him at first, then tell him it will be better to take a cloth that is not too fancy

Test Results:

A. You not really know how to be a tactful person. Although sometime compliment words can improve the relationship, but if you just keeping compliment, it seems that you are a hypocritical person. Despite people need affirmation from others, but the words that against conscience doesn’t make people feel the same way. It will be even worse when your friend finds out the truth, he will doubt about your personalities and your intention. Think about it! Try to figure out how to be a really tactful person.

B. You are the so called ‘introvert’ person. You are difficult to expand your interpersonal circle because of you are too passive. In addition, you always flinch and not brave enough, it is not easy for you to get along well with others.

C. Although you tell the truth to others, if he accepts your opinion, they will have a good impression of you. However, sometime being too honest will also makes others feel disgusted. You have to understand that being ‘tactful’ doesn’t mean that you need to tell lie, but you need to tell it with a roundabout way. In this way, you can express your opinion without hurting other’s feeling and protect yourself at the same time.

D. In the eyes of others, you are a calm and an objective person. Most of your friends like to ask for your opinion, this is because you not only appreciate their strengths, but also can provide them some useful opinion. You know very much how is handling systems human and things in appropriate manner.


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