Do you have fate with happy life?

happy life

Do you have fate with happy life?

According to the legend, there is a beautiful goddess of fortune in the desert. If you are lucky enough to see the goddess personally, you can make a wish in front of the goddess.
For this matter, some people believe, and some people doubt about it, how about you?


A.    Do not believe that there is such a goddess, and not willing to do stupid thing like looking for the goddess.

B.     Believed that there is such a goddess and decided to look for the goddess. But unfortunately, you got a sickness on the road, so you gave up searching for the goddess.

C.     With the mindset of trying, you started your journey. As soon as you got into the desert, you meet a beautiful and kind girl and mistakenly thought she was the goddess. You asked the girl to marry you, and both of you had a happy life. Although you knew the truth afterwards, but you were not regret about it.

D.    Believed that there is such a goddess and went through hardships to find the goddess, but still not found. Eventually, you died in the desert with disappointment.

E.     Believed that there is such a goddess, but still failed to see the goddess after went through hardships. In the desert, you saw a very beautiful oasis, so you decided to build your own small house on this oasis and lived there in the rest of your life.


Test Results:


A.    60% to have happiness. You would rather willing to believe in the facts, than to pay more hard work and efforts to pursue new things. So, you lost many things in life.

B.     50% to have happiness. You often keep only three minutes passion for everything. Thus, you always miss out the chance to gain happiness.

C.     70% to have happiness. You are a very clear-headed person. Your demands for life are neither excessive nor rash. You believe that there is no best thing but better thing in this world. Therefore, when happiness is in front of you, you will grasp it tightly. However, you will not importune to have happiness when found yourself are far from it.

D.    40% to have happiness. You cannot gain happiness because you are pessimistic, stubborn and expect too much for life. You always seek for the best things in life, and you ended up missing a lot of beautiful things in life. If you can look at happiness in a different way, maybe you will get more happiness.

E.     80% to have happiness. You are an ambitious but not stubborn person. You can always find some new pleasure from your life and turn those ordinary things into rare happiness. Happiness is always rewarded to those who like to create joy in life. Certainly, you get more happiness than others.


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