What is the reason to make you feel like healthy breakup?

healthy breakup

What is the reason to make you feel like healthy breakup?

When you are having fun at outdoor in the sunny day. Unexpectedly, there is wild animal appears, what would you do?

A. Lay down and play dead
B. Just stand still
C. Climb to the nearest tree
D. Run quickly

Test Results:

A. You agree with the traditional concept which to marry with a person that is having a same family background and equal social rank with you. You think that a person grows up in a different background with have different mindset and lifestyle, which will cause difficulties when live together. When there is this kind of situation happen to you, you think in the negative way that both of you don’t suit each other and there will be no future for both of you. If you keep thinking in this way, it will ruin your relationship.

B. Once your relationship moves into a normal phase from the sweet phase, you will get tired of the relationship day by day and don’t feel like put effort to know him better. All the things you did is lack of passion, you want to get back the passion, but you have no way to start. This helpless feeling will cause you relationship even worse.

C. You worry you will be the weaker side and being controlled in a relationship, so you will observe your lover carefully. If he does something bossy and forces you to do something you not willing to do, you will try to avoid it. As time passes, you can’t bear with it anymore and will use healthy breakup as a way to fight for your freedom.

D. You lack of self-confident, especially in the relationship. You seem like a bit arrogant, but actually you are not confident with yourself. You feel that you will be dumped one day because of your self-condition such as education qualification and social rank. This kind of anxiety will turn you into a pushy person to hide your fear, or else you choose to dump people before you be dumped.


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