Test to see if you have healthy minds

healthy minds

Is your mind currently at healthy minds or impetuous state? When you encounter trouble, will you calmly face it or complain about it? Maybe you don’t even know for yourself, let’s take the test below to see the result in your heart.


Begin the Test:

If you are in a lively park. You suddenly saw someone, who do you think he/she is doing now?

A) Walking towards the center of the park

B) Leaving the park

C) Standing there, looks like he/she is waiting on someone

D) Can find the way


Test Result:

Choose A:      You mind is pretty good, pretty steady. Doesn’t matter what kind of trouble you might encounter, you can handle it very well.


Choose B:      Your mentality is not very well, very impetuous. You always feel tired, wants to rest, or change environment.


Choose C:      After experienced the fluctuations before, your mind is pretty average now, it’s time to set off again, if it’s difficult at work, be patient, it’s almost over.


Choose D:      Your heart is perturbed, seems like you are worrying for something. You need to control your emotions, be cautious when you do things, then nothing bad will happen.


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