Has your heart grow old?

heart grow old

Some people are so lively and energetic even they are covered in white hairs, some people who are still young, but are already sluggish. Getting old is not scary, the most scary thing is your heart grow old before you aged. As the time has passed, are you shifting away from your dream and passion? Has your gone old? Let test it out.


Begin the Test:

If you are going to a beautiful prairie, you saw a tree. What kind of tree is it?

A) A pine tree or camellia tree, with very green leaf

B) A very lush tree, but the leafs are starting to fall off

C) A bald tree, all the leafs are gone

D) A dry tree, doesn’t look like it’s still alive


Test Result:

Choose A:      Pine trees and camellia trees are evergreen trees, it seems you lived very lively. You don’t have much desire for change, you want to remain current status. Everything is under your control, you are lack of outgoing ambition.


Choose B:      A lush tree with falling leafs, means you feel involuntarily. It might cause by your environment, or might by your mood. Your heart has changed during your shifting experience.


Choose C:      A bald tree, means you think the reality is helpless. Maybe in your world, there are a lot of objections, you are depress about it. Don’t be depressive, you need to be passion about your ideal and work hard to reach it, everything will be fine in time, your world will reborn.


Choose D:      A dry tree, means you are completely disappointed of yourself and your surroundings, your heart is not old, it’s dead. You can’t see any hope in the future, you are reproaching and depressive. Let’s remind you, there’s still a long way in your life, don’t give up just yet, cheer up.


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