Know your personality from your hot and cold shower time

hot and cold shower

Know your personality from your hot and cold shower time

When do you like to take shower?

A.    Take shower after meal

B.     Take shower before meal

C.     Used to take shower after watching television

D.    Used to take shower before bed

E.     Prefer to take shower after woke up in the morning

F.     Prefer to arrange in sequence among family to shower


Test Result:

A.    A slow and unhurried person. They like to calm their thoughts during shower time and enjoy the fun of shower in fully. They are not emotional, and they will not express their likes and dislikes easily.

B.     They like to do things quickly and having leadership. They will arrange their activities after shower, such as watching television, reading books etc. They like to keep things go through steps by steps according to the plan without delaying the progress. Otherwise, the tasks will not be able to complete on time.

C.     They are kind of people who like to enjoy first and do other things later. They give priority to their own desires; thus, they will not do any planning in advance. Although the target set is challenging, and even hard to achieve, but they will do things realistically. They are also very flexible as they will make decision depends on the real situation.

D.    They are aesthetic type of person. They used to put themselves with fragrance before going to bed. Normally, they seek for beautiful and romantic relationship. They like to be alone and not used to community life. Even though they are traveling with friends, they refuse to share room with others. They refuse to be formalistic and long for beautiful things.

E.     They are economic type of person. They are wise, having a strong sense of money and manage their money well. They will do assessment and plan well before they take action in doing something. They are advised to not too obsessed with money and property, otherwise they will be considered as a money-oriented person.

F.     They are social type person. They are easy going person as they accept suggestions and opinions given by others. When dealing with different affairs, they always put themselves in other’s shoes and feel for others. They are quite sociable as they get along well with their others even in community life.


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