Reveal your wild ambition index from the way you eat hotpot in hot pot restaurant

hot pot restaurant

Reveal your wild ambition index from the way you eat hotpot in hot pot restaurant

After work, you go for hotpot buffet with a bunch of colleagues. Among all the meats, which one would you want to eat the most?


A.    Beef

B.    Chicken

C.     Lamb

D.    Pork

E.     Duck


Test Results:


A.    Wild ambitious index 95. You can be said as the number one ambitious person who aims high in your career. You seem to be a friendly person, but from day one you enter the company, you plan to strive for a higher position. You try hard to perform well to gain attention of the management of the company.

B.    Wild ambitious index 30. You are not the kind of person that aims high. You own high IQ but slightly less in EQ. because you are afraid of being forgotten, thus you tend to get involved in gossip, and being used by someone to spread the gossip in the office.

C.     Wild ambitious index 50. You have abilities and good interpersonal relationship with others. You are ambitious and longing to success, but you cannot stick to it to the end, and eventually fail to success.

D.    Wild ambitious index 70. You believe that only you have the ability to lead others. You dream for the taste of wealth and fame, and spent most of your time for it. After you gained it, you even show off what you had. In fact, you don’t realise your ability is only average and less convincing.

E.     Wild ambitious index 65. You crave to show personal ability, unfortunately it tends to backfire. You not concentrate enough in your job and always over think that people might discuss about you.


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