How hypersensitivity are you


How hypersensitivity are you

What is your habit of using the cell phone?

A: One hand holding the phone, another hand is touching here and there
B: Calling while doing other things
C: Concentrate on calling
D: Covering your mouth while talking, and looking around.


A: Sensitivity 65%. You are like fantasy, love to be in a daydream, and have a beautiful hope for love. So you refuse to be boring, even if your partner are not romantic, he/she should always play with you to create a good memory. You like to say good things. If you can replace that with tacit understanding, I believe you will be a great lover.

B: Sensitivity 75%. Such people are easy to be willful, others may not dare to approach you because of your repeated personality, which is a very serious test for your friendship and love. On the contrary, if the physiologic man is sensitive, he will be the ideal companion in the eyes of the girl.

C: Sensitivity 40%. Your personality is real, everything is efficient. In love, you don’t like indecisiveness, you will let it go, even if there is any problem, it will be quick and fast, and will not delay. You believe in the other half, you will not believe in rumors, but if the other party betrayed, your relationship will burst.

D: Sensitivity 50%. You are less confident and more susceptible to your friends. When you fall in love with someone, you will change along with it immediately. Although you will be cranky, but you also show loyal obedience to the lover, even if you find an affair, will give him another chance.


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