Do you dare if express your will?

if express

Everyone has the right to express themselves. However, during a lot of time, most people would not like to express themselves. What about you? Would you like if express yourself? Let us take a test below to see the result in your heart.


Begin the Test:

Suppose you lost in the woods when you are driving with your friend. After couple day without eating anything, finally you run into a family, and they treat you with foods. You start eating as soon as possible. How loud the sound will you make?

A): A little

B): Like murmuring

C): Like talking

D): Very loud


Test Result:

  • Choose A: You looks like a good guy. Honest and serious. But this is only your disguise. Actually you just suppress your real emotion. This is the way you protect yourself.


  • Choose B: You are a honest person, but no one think you are important, maybe due to the lack of confident. You are just a ordinary person with low level of expressive skill.


  • Choose C: You have your unique personality. You enjoy your life very much. Whether express your true feeling depends on your own willing. You’d better be on your guard, do not cross the boundary.


  • Choose D: Your angry index is 20%. You think nothing worth you get angry. You are very nice people and think others are nice as well. People will not hurt such a nice person like you.


  • Choose E: You could be seen as a loose cannon to some. No one can influence your opinion. Following your own standards, you really don’t care other people’s advice. You are suitable to be an artist.



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