Can your hand writing expose your inner peace world?

inner peace

Old saying, your hand writing is just like you as a person. A person’s hand writing can show that person’s personality and psychological status. Because you unconsciously expose your inner peace world when you write. Let’s see what kind of personality did your hand writing shows.

Begin the Test:

What is your notes look like?

A): Very small

B): Very neat

C): Good segmentation

D): Never fill the whole page, there’s always blank space on the side

E): There are large kernings in between, the size of the letters are not steady

F): The words are uneven

Test Result:

Choose A:         You are a very rational person. You can always control yourself doesn’t matter what happens, and not do anything wrong.

Choose B:         You are a sensitive person. You pay attention to people’s interaction, have good relation with your surroundings.

Choose C:         You are like a big brother/sister, you like to take care of other. You do thing very quick, don’t like slow people

Choose D:         You are a artist person, like all beautiful things. You make a good connoisseur or artist.

Choose E:                   You are a contradiction person, your emotions shift a lot. Sometimes you will compress your feels, other times you will let your emotions out, doesn’t really care if other people can accept.

Choose F:                   You are very self centered, you live in your own world, don’t like other people control your world. The saying “I allow you do enter my world, but don’t walk around in my world” suite you well.


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