How is your interdependent relationship?

interdependent relationship

Good social means that you have good interdependent relationship. This helps your career and life. Do you have good people skill? Let’s take a look at the questions below.

By taking the test below, there are three choices per each question, every choice has a correspond score, once you finish all the questions, add the scores and review the correspond result at the end.


Begin the Test:

1)      You are usually very happy with your friends. Why?

A) They are all interesting people and they have a great spirit of playing (3 point)

B) Your friends like you trust you (2 point)

C) You think you have no reason to be unhappy (1 point)


2)      What do you usually do on the weekend?

A) Go out with friends (3 point)

B) Stay at home by yourself (2 point)

C) I really want to make new friends, but there is always no suitable opportunity (1 point)


3)    If you are going to meet a friend but you sleep too late the night before, you are very sleepy. What would you do?

A) Tell friend that you can’t go, explain why, hope to get friend’s understanding (1 point)

B) Insist on meeting friends (3 point)

C) Go directly to your friend, tell him your condition, and then leave (2 point)


4)    Think about it, how long can you keep in touch with your friends?

A) Many, many years (3 point)

B) Interesting, it may be several years (2 point)

C) Not much longer (1 point)


5)    What would you do if a friend poured out an extremely personal problem with you?

A) Keep secret for friend (2 point)

B) Never thought of telling others properly, but I’m not sure if I can always keep secrets (3 point)

C) Quickly tell other friends (1 point)


6)    What do you usually do when you have a problem or trouble?

A) Feel that you can take care of it on your own, do not find friends (1 point)

B) Ask friends for help (2 point)

C) If it’s serious trouble, will ask for help (3 point)



7)    If friends have difficulties, they will?

A) Ask for your help (3 point)

B) Close friends will ask for your help (2 point)

C) Basically no friends ask for your help (1 point)


8)    Are you making friends under the following circumstances or circumstances?

A) Introduce new friends through friends (2 point)

B) You can make new friends on various occasions (3 point)

C) A variety of circumstances, it will be a long time before I make a friend (1 point)


9)      What do you think is most important as your friend?

A) Have the ability to make people happy (3 point)

B) People are good and trustworthy (2 point)

C) Treats you super good (1 point)


10) When you get along with your friends, what is your role?

A) You will bring joy and laughter to your friends (2 point)

B) Your friends will see the problem rationally (1 point)

C) Your friends will feel comfortable and happy (3 point)


11) After class reunions, we must also arrange other activities such as singing. Are you planning to go?

A) Find an excuse and reject (2 point)

B) Very interested to join (3 point)

C) Reject right the way (1 point)


12)  In the following three situations, which situation is more in line with yours?

A) With friends, you always praise your friends (3 point)

B) With friends, you will always come up with a different point of view than your friends and will not accompany your friends. (1 point)

C) With friends, you don’t criticize your friends’ opinions, but they’re definitely not going to meet friends.(2 point)


13)    Which of the following is more consistent with you?

A) You only get along well with your close friends (1 point)

B) You get along with everybody (3 point)

C) For those you don’t like, you can also be friendly (2 point)


14)    Friends joke with you. What would you do?

A) Join them together (3 point)

B) Some angry, but not shown (1 point)

C) It depends on your emotions at that time. If you are in a good mood, you will not be angry. If you are in a bad mood, it will be difficult to say (2 point)


15)    What will you do if you have friends who depend on you for everything?

A) Still want to keep a distance with friends and let friends learn to be independent (2 point)

B) Very happy friends trust you (3 point)

C) Afraid to take responsibility and feel bad (1 point)


Test Result:

15-25 points: Your popularity is too bad. Maybe you are a person who can’t let go of yourself. You like to be proud of yourself and feel that it is troublesome to deal with human relationships. However, it is impossible for people to be in contact with human beings in this living society. It is still necessary to cultivate social interest and integrate itself into society.


26-35 point:   Your popularity is ordinary. Your relationship with your friends is not stable. Sometimes it’s good with friends and sometimes it’s very bad. You are willing to have a good relationship with people, but others may not be willing to have a good relationship with you. The key is that you must treat people sincerely and do things fairly to win the hearts of others.


36-45 point:   You are good to people, and you get along well with anyone. You have a wide range of interests. There are prestige and appeal among friends. Everyone trusts you.


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