To test how good is your interpersonal communication skills

interpersonal communication skills

To test how good is your interpersonal communication skills

If you are waking towards a sleeping baby, suddenly the baby opens his eyes. What will happen next?

A.    The baby cries

B.    The baby smiles

C.     The baby closes his eyes and continue to sleep

D.    The baby coughing

Test Results:

A.    You are lack or self-confidence; thus, you are afraid of interact with others. This is because you don’t want others to know your weaknesses, so you choose to protect yourself and refuse to step forward. If you can be more confident and try to interact with others, you will find the world is a very beautiful place.

B.    You are a very confident person and good in socializing with others. But bear in mind, don’t be over confident and ignore other’s feeling and thoughts.

C.     You are unsociable. You think that being along is much happier than interact with others, thus you think there is no point to get to interact with others. Please remember that team work is very important in a career. Hopefully you can adjust yourself.

D.    You are very nervous about your interpersonal relationship. You try hard to maintain the relationship. Sometimes, you are exhausted being too care of what other’s feeling and thoughts. You are advised to calm yourself and treat interpersonal relationship with a usual mind.


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