Is he jealous?

Is he jealous

Is he jealous?

Now there are three balloons tied together. What color do you think the balloon between red and blue should be?

  1. Orange colour
  2. Yellow colour
  3. Maroon colour
  4. Green colour

Test Results:

  1. You like to be jealous. In a relationship, whenever you see your partner talking or interacting with the opposite sex, you become jealous. Due to your jealousy, you will quarrel easily with your partner. In your family, you tend to be unhappy because of the unfair treatment of parents. All of this is because you are afraid of being forgotten and want to be noticed. Therefore, you should change your attitude and build a good relationship of trust with the people around you.
  2. People who choose yellow will not jealous easily, but you are very sensitive to the actions of a lover or friends. You normally like to ask a lot of questions, but you doubt the answers given, and you want to verify them yourself. Your jealousy will only happen in a rational and reasonable way. It is all about the matter of ego, because you don’t want to be seen as insecure.
  3. You seem to have a big heart, but you are always in a state of anxiety. You have a very cautious attitude toward relationships, and you rarely do mistake. You think that being jealous is childish. Your envy only bursts at the critical moment. If your partner just hangs out with other opposite sex, you will try to hold your jealousy. It is easy to feel stressed when you are purposely hide your feelings.
  4. You hardly know what jealousy is. You absolutely trust your partner and the people around you. Because of your trust, it creates an opportunity for them to cheat. So, you should properly develop some crisis awareness and reasonable jealousy.


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