Are you willing to share joy and sorrow with your lover?

joy and sorrow

Are you willing to share joy and sorrow with your lover?

In the evening of weekend, suddenly you feel hungry, what do you want to eat the most?

A. Stinky tofu + preserved pickle
B. Cake and dessert
C. Biscuit
D. Instant noodle

Test Results:

A. Even if you are not willing, you will still go through thick and thin with your lover because of the responsibility and the obligations. Although you don’t think that you need to suffer all this, because this will lose your freedom and enjoyment. But there is another voice to ask you carry the responsible. So you will choose to stay and suffer.

B. You can share the joy and sorrow with your lover, but you will think about it when it comes to difficulties. This kind of person have their own way of thinking. The most important is they will not fall in love with someone easily. When the person you love is facing difficulties, you will consider properly about his strengths and weakness to judge whether is it worth to suffer with the lover.

C. You can go through the tides in life with your lover, but you can’t share the joy with him. You feel insecure in love; thus, you will look for someone that you think can be relied on. When both of you are in difficulties, you think this situation make strengthens your love for each other. When your lover getting rich, you will start to worry.

D. Once you fall in love, you will love recklessly, regardless he is wealthy or poor. Your weak point is love. Once you had decided he is the one, no matter what, you will do it as long as you are asked to do so. You will only happy if he is happy.


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