Are you creative or lacking originality?

lacking originality

In the work, a good idea can make the work plan more colorful, win the praise of the customer, and bring economic benefits to the company. Are you creative or lacking originality? The following test will tells you.


Begin the Test:

Just like the plot in “Doomed to Love You”, you draw a sign and throw it on a big tree to achieve your wish. So where do you want to lose?

A) The very top

B) In the middle

C) Towards the bottom


Test Result:

Choose A:      You are the clever of other people’s eyes, creativity, ideas, unlimited, often let your colleagues admire it. Maybe one of your ideas will allow you to fly onto the branch. However, if your ideas and ideas are too unreasonable, you may suffer a lot of pressure. Therefore, we must be cautious when considering ideas.


Choose B:      Your ideas are within the common sense and will not be out of line. “Conformity” is good for you. Your life is relatively calm and fluctuating. Because you always move within your designated area. Of course, your ability can be reflected to some extent. If you want to make great progress, you must break through the existing ideas and boldly develop your own creativity. Maybe wealth and work ability will have a qualitative leap.


Choose C:      You simply don’t have the courage to express your ideas, let alone put the ideas into practice. It’s just because you’re rather unconfined. You are also afraid of new things and feel that they are far away from you. Therefore, you are very unfit for planning and creating jobs. You don’t like to always exchange lifestyles, just want to live quietly.



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