Test your personality through your le peep desire

le peep

There is a old saying that curiosity kills cat. Everyone has a curios side, and wants to see what is the difference between your life and other people’s life. But do you know? Your le peep desire can actually show your personality. Please take the following test to see it.


Begin the Test:

You have a chance to le peep the movement in the building across from you, therefore, what you want to see the most?

A): Someone is taking shower

B): Someone is quarreling

C): A thief is stealing

D): Just looking, nothing special


Test Result:

Choose A:         You clearly know what is your weakness and always try to hide it. Deep inside of you, there’s a force trying to break out but you don’t have the courage to let it out. You like to see someone’s taking shower meaning you want to see something make you excited in order to relieve your negative emotion.


Choose B:         You’re not satisfied with your surroundings but you weak by yourself and can’t make any difference. Therefore your heart is buried a lot angers, you think you’re very unlucky. By saw someone quarreling make you feel you’re not the most unlucky person in the world and that makes you feel better.


Choose C:         Although you want to make an achievement but you just can’t let yourself be busy. You enjoy relax life even if it make you feel bored sometimes. Therefore you often get attracted by strange things such like saw a thief is stealing, that makes you feel excited and interesting. Actually, if you have the courage to change, your life will be turned around.


Choose D:         Your heart is very conservative and the sensitive, you pay a lot of attention to the changes around you. Therefore you’re very cautious, and that is the biggest weakness you need to overcome right now. It’s good to protect yourself, but remember don’t go too far.



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