What is your life center?

life center

Everyone is thinking of what is his life center. Some people care about their families, some love to make money, others regard love as their life, while others regard their career as the center. What about you? What is the focus of your life?


Begin the Test:

Suppose you and your friends took a trip on a daily trip, but what happened is a very bad thing. What do you think it will be?

A): The wallet was stolen

B): Forget the ID card

C): Suddenly fell ill


Test Result:

A: The focus of your life is on making money. For you, money is more important than family and life. I would like to advise you that money is not enough, or do not give yourself so much pressure to relax yourself.


B: The focus of your life is on the family. The starting point of everything is the interests of the family. All the plans are based on the opinion of the family. Secondly, family members are also very fond of you. Don’t always think about your family, but forget to be nice to yourself.

C: The focus of your life is on relationships, and you will try to get along well with all the colleagues and friends around you, and keep yourself at peace in an environment that seems to be good for everyone. However, some things go with the flow. You can do it yourself. You don’t have to push it too hard.



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