What list of emotions you belong to

list of emotions

What list of emotions you belong to

Water is closely related to human list of emotions. Which of the following water-related views do you want to see?

A: Creek
B: Waterfall
C: Lake
D: River
E: Ocean


A: You are very understanding, thoughtful, easy to be depressed, and you are grievance and hope that a strong person will come forward to help you solve it. It is not easy to tolerate the recklessness of others, and it is suitable to live with a decisive person.

B: You have a strong desire for expression, and a straightforward personality makes you dare to speak, you may make mistakes, but you will not regret it. You will look at life with a witty attitude, not easy to suppress your feelings.

C: You are very secure, very popular among friends, don’t have a positive conflict with people, always be as tolerant as possible. Usually, there is very little meaninglessness to bother others, your life is very leisurely.

D: Your mind is free and open, life is not bound by people, and you have the courage to express your opinions, but you don’t like to analyze the problem. There are many friends, but the relationship is not necessarily very close.

E: Your feelings are brave, open-minded, free, never suspicion or doubt about other people’s attitudes or feelings towards you. You have a good tolerance for people, and people who do not like it will take an evasive attitude.


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