Knowing your list of personal weaknesses from the way you work with others

list of personal weaknesses

Knowing your list of personal weaknesses from the way you work with others

When you work together with your friends, what would you do when both of you have different opinion?

A. Stick to your own opinion
B. Hope to discuss more with your friend
C. Don’t want to argue with others, even you are right
D. Ask for the third party to judge

Test Results:

A. You are person who are very confident about yourself. But, sometimes you are over confident, and it becomes kind of self-centred. You tend to be arrogant without consider how other feels. The most important thing between human is to maintain a harmony relationship. Team spirit can also help you to improve your interpersonal relationship. A thing can only be done by the cooperation of everyone. If only your opinion is right, then what is the purpose of having a team. Hence, your self-confident can be a bonus for you and also a fatal list of personal weaknesses to your interpersonal relationship. It is better for you to listen different opinion form others, even though you stand firm on your stand point, you should also persuade others through a good communication.

B. You have this kind of habit and mindset means that you are very suitable to work in a team. Your interpersonal relationship with others will also improve because of your team spirit. Although communication is a good thing, but never communicate with others with the intention to please others. This will make other think that you are a doubled-face person who only like to perform. In addition, never distort your opinion because you want to please others. This will make you inconspicuous in a team and not respected by others.

C. Your action that give up your own opinion and rights will make others think that you don’t care much on your career. You have this action because you scare to be opposed with others and you are not good in handle this kind of situation, so you choose to compromise to avoid conflict. In fact, this is not a good way, and this may offend the people who treat this issue seriously.

D. Invite third party to judge, this is a good way because it doesn’t involve personal subjective opinion, and it can avoid conflict to happen. If you choose this way to persuade others, it means that you are an intelligent and generous person. Your interpersonal relationship can also be improved because people think that you are a modest and humble person. This helps in team work, and also increase your reliability. It can also avoid people to criticise your working style.


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