Do you know about your list of weaknesses?

list of weaknesses

Do you know about your list of weaknesses?

No one is perfect. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. One will lose his self-confident if the care too much about his weaknesses; however, you cannot understand yourself well without knowing your weakness objectively. This test will reveal your weaknesses.

1) When your friend is wearing a necktie that doesn’t suit him, but he still feels good about the tie and ask about your opinion. What would you do?
A. Tell him frankly: “So-so.”
B. Just smile without answer
C. Tell him: “Not bad.”
D. Tell him: “Not bad, but the previous one is better.”

2) When you are out for dating, he is just keeping silent and seems like very boring. What would you say?
A. Let’s go back
B. What’s wrong? Not feeling alright?
C. Do you want to go for a walk?

3) There is a paper with the word “Bastard” stuck on the back of a man without aware about it. What would you do?
A. Remove the paper without any notice
B. Tell the people around to look at the man
C. Remind the man to take off his shirt to have a look
D. Remain silence and pretend not to see

4) When you are in a relationship with your boyfriend, you father advises you: “Don’t be with that kind of man, break up with him!” what would you say?
A. He is a good man, I hope you can know him better
B. I am thinking to break up with him too
C. This is none of your business, I will take care of it
D. Alright, I will consider about it

5) Please think about who are the most charming and most popular among three of your friends.
A. Don’t know
B. I am the worst
C. Definitely me
D. I am the third among four of us

6) A day before your wedding, your ex-boyfriend / ex-girlfriend come to you and tell you that he / she is still loving you and request you for something. What would you do?
A. Feeling awkward and don’t know what to do
B. Agree to what he / she requested
C. Scold him / her severely
D. Reject directly

Scoring method: Answer accordingly and figure out the number of option A, B, C and D. You belong to the category of option which you chose the least. If there is two or more option has the same quantity, then you belong to category E.

Test Results:

A. You are lacking empathy. You think about yourself first in everything, you won’t think for others and care about their feeling. You won’t give a hand even you know someone need helps. You wish to be cared by others. Perhaps you become selfish and apathy due to this strong expectation.

B. You are always unhappy and you give an impression of gloomy to others through your attitude and behaviour. You are a serious person and always think well. However, sometimes things could be hard to be solved in too serious way. So, you should avoid yourself to be too serious and gloomy.

C. Lack of determination is your weakness. You are dazzled by various option during shopping but ended up buying nothing. You know yourself very well about your like and dislike, so you can decide what to buy easily. However, you will be in dilemma if you saw another option before you pay the bill. In interpersonal relationship, determination is also very important. It is very terrible if you fail to make up your mind in the last minute.

D. You are not prudent enough. You are impulsive no matter during buying things or making decision. If there are something on sale, you will buy a lot of it and you believe other’s recommendation easily. You only get regretted after you promise other’s request. You can easily break your promise if you just simply promise without thinking about your ability. Don’t ever promise others to do something you are not able to do. But you have a lot of friends. You would be popular among man if you are a woman.

E. You are kind of person who plan a lot without taking action. Usually, you plan a lot of things but do nothing. This is because you consider too much about the result and other’s feeling, and lacking the courage to take action. You are good in judging something but you can’t perform it well when there is something happen in real. In addition, the method you choose to handle thing is always inappropriate. You are idealistic until what you did is always unrealistic and unpractical. You should be more confident to yourself and don’t be fear always.


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