Discover your personality from the live tv show

live tv show

Discover your personality from the live tv show

According to a psychologist, one’s personalities and mentality can be known through their favourite genre of TV program. What is your favourite TV program?

A.    Comedy show

B.    Drama show

C.     Horror show or criminal case show

D.    Game show or guessing game show

E.     Family ethics series

F.     Variety show

G.    Sports program

Test Results:

A.    A person who like comedy show having less expectation of life. They are conservative and treat family importantly. They like to cover their true feeling with humorously. They are actually passion inside but seem insouciance outside.

B.    A person who likes drama show has high confident level and having spirit of adventure. They advocate heroism and they are impatient and bossy to load and control others. Sometimes they might lose their friends due to their bossiness.

C.     They are curious and competitive person. They will go all out in doing something until the end. They are adventurous and refuse to be ordinary.

D.    For those who like to watch game show, they have high IQ and having strong reasoning ability. They stay calm and get to the bottom of the problem to solve problem. They could not endure with ignorance and silliness.

E.     People who like to watch drama series is good in imagining and have a strong sense of justice to distinguish between right and wrong. They also handle things rationally.

F.     A happy person always likes to watch variety show. They only look at the good side of the things and never hate people. Instead, they are considerate.

G.    For those who like to watch sport program is someone who is competitive. They like to accept different challenges. The greater the stress, the greater their performance. They are bold enough to handle things with a great plan by hoping things to be done perfectly.


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