What would you do if you lose money?

lose money

What would you do if you lose money?

One day, you put 1000 dollars into a drawer and need it to buy CD player later. When you open the drawer again, you found that the money disappeared. What would you do?


A.    Think about who will probably open the drawer, and ask the person about it

B.    Blame yourself for not have the drawer locked, or not going to buy the CD player earlier

C.     Guess that maybe your family use the money in advance, or you forgot where you put the money

D.    Seek for help from your friend


Test Results:


A.    You always stay calm when you face problems, but you tend to push the responsibilities to others and blame others for not willing to bear the responsibilities. This will make people feel irritated and angry.

B.    You always be in the feelings of inadequacy, and lack of self-confidence. You always think that others are better than you, thus you will not blame others when you were hit. Instead, you keep blaming yourself. In truth, you are doing well in self-reflection and a responsible person. You can avoid the feelings of inadequacy if you face your failure bravely and give yourself a chance to improve.

C.     You are not afraid of failure, but you are stubborn. In real life, you are full of confidence and you stand still on your standpoint no matter what difficulties you faced. But this will make you seems even more stubborn. You limit the room for develop yourself if you keep rejecting opinion from others.

D.    You have a strong feeling on the bad incidents you faced, at the same time; you take short time to forget. Accidents hit you like a frightening judgement day. As time passes, you totally forget about of those feeling and continue to live in a happy life.



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