Will your love cherish you?

love cherish

Will your love cherish you?

You fall into a cave, going to die. Which kind of death is what you are most afraid of?

A. Killed by a pile of black widow spiders
B. Was suffocated by several big pythons and died
C. Killed by 10 big mice.


A: Occasionally, your man will want to cherish you, because you can endure yourself if you face some difficulties, and only when you become soft, the love cherish you. So friends who choose this answer often have to become a little more softer, and your partner will want to love you. Otherwise, you are too strong, and the partner will feel indifferent.

B: Men don’t want to cherish you, because you are strong in personality, and be able to handle everything. Your ability is stronger than men. Men hope that you can love him more. In fact, this type of person belongs to a strong woman, because they are very professional, very clever, and doing things in an orderly manner. The partner actually hopes that you can guide him more, and occasionally give him confidence.

C: Congratulations, your man will of course cherish you. Because you are more and more feminine, know how to make yourself more attractive. This type of woman is the most beautiful, they will keep themselves radiant forever, their partner will love them very much.


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