Are you going to be like a love triangle manga?

love triangle manga

Are you going to be in a love triangle manga?

Which ring will you choose among the following?

A. An expensive ring
B. A tiny diamond ring
C. Luxury and eye-catching big ring
D. Fine and cute ring

Test Results:

A. When it comes to final decision, you will sacrifice your friendship and choose love. Although you said you treat friendship importantly, but when there is a chance to be in a relationship, you will choose to betray your friendship.

B. People who chose this answer is an understanding person. They don’t want to hurt their friends and family, but they can be bothered by love easily. If they face the problem of love triangle, they will struggle a lot but choose to be the slave of love at the end.

C. People who chose big ring is a self-centred person. They get jealous easily and don’t feel happy for others when others be in a relationship. They put their marriage in the position that is higher than their friendship. When they meet someone they like, they will go for it regardless people is in a relationship or not.

D. People who chose fine ring always think for the others. Even though they have lover, they still appreciate their friendship. They are rational and don’t simply take action. They can solve the issue of love triangle manga with proper communication.


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