Test your personality based on what low carb fruits you like?

low carb fruits

Low carb fruits are very delicious and a lot people likes to eat fruit, but everyone likes a different fruit. Some people likes apple, some people likes coconut, and some people likes durian…… did you know, fruit can expose your personalities too.


Begin the Test:

Which of the following fruits you like the most?

A): Banana

B): Cherry

C): Grape

D): Apple

E): Grapefruit

F): Pear

G): Orange


Test Result:

Choose A:  You’re strong on the outside and the soft in the inside, you’re very sensitive. You care a lot about what other people think of you. Eat more banana it will get a rid of the depress and keep you happy and peaceful.


Choose B:  You’re very smart and good with money, but you’re very lonely inside and is easy to feel loneliness.


Choose C:  You’re good at communicating with others, has a very strong organization skill. You like to keep a low profile, knows how to protect yourself, your biggest weakness is lazy.


Choose D:  You’re very realistic, has a plan for everything and not afraid to work hard. But you are very self pride, doesn’t accept new things easily.


Choose E:  You are very healthy and very athletic. But you’re over protecting yourself, got a bad temper.


Choose F:  You’re very talented and full of energy, Once you make up your mind you will pursue till the end, but this also means you’re very stubborn.


Choose G:  You are sensitive, full of emotions and imagination, you are very kind and sweet. But you are also very emotional, make people misunderstand you.



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