Magic mirror reflects your state of mind in career

Magic mirror

Magic mirror reflects your state of mind in career

Which character of “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” would you want to play the most on the stage?

A. Seven dwarfs
B. Snow White
C. Prince
D. Step mother

Test Results:

A. You are kind hearted and make no enemies. You give a good impression for others, just you only get back a little for return. You are good in judgement, thus make good use of your strength to develop your own career.

B. You are optimistic and cheerful. This make you popular among people, they are not confident enough to you when it come to your working ability. You lack of observing ability. You still need to learn and experience to have achievement.

C. You got deceived easily because you believe in rumours and simply judge people by their appearance. Due to you are not confident enough to your appearance, you always give up something supposed belong to you. Be more confident to yourself. You will be getting nearer to success.

D. You are very creative. At the same time, you don’t believe in what others said. It is your weakness for being self-centred and like to be flattered. Therefore, never let yourself behave discretionarily otherwise you will never success.


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