What could you do to make money?

make money

What could you do to make money?

The magician gives you a tin box containing something that will stop you from getting rich. You must not open it or tell to anyone about it. So, where would you hide it?

  1. Behind the bookshelf
  2. The deepest part of the closet
  3. In the courtyard
  4. Behind the make-up mirror

Test Results:

  1. You will lose your fortune if you opened the box. The box symbolize financial crisis, and the action of hiding the box means your effort to guard your wealth. You can know what you can sacrifice for money from the place you chose to hide the box. Book shelf symbolizes intelligent, ability and career. You are a person that willing to sacrifice the career that you like, you willing to let go your professionalism to enjoy the job with high salary.

2. Closet is a place that will not be seen easily by others, except the family members. Thus, closet symbolizes family. It means that you can be far away from your family to go exploring at the other place.

3. Courtyard is an open space, which symbolizes public opinion. For the sake of money. You don’t care what others think about you. It also means that you can lose your friends easily.

4. Mirror symbolizes you. No matter what you become, you will do anything for money.


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