To test management of aggressive behavior in your job

management of aggressive behavior

To test management of aggressive behavior in your job

“The murder game” had started, if you are a killer, who will you kill first?

A. The person beside you
B. The person who is furthest from you
C. The person you don’t like
D. Just kill anyone

Test Results:

A. You know that no pain, no gain. Although sometime luck is needed, but effort is the most important.
Aggressive level ★★★★

B. You choose to escape when you face problem in your job. Besides that, you like to push the responsibility to other people.
Aggressive level ★★

C. You are emotional and always take action according to your mood. You are self-centred, stubborn and only stick to your own stand point without listening to other’s opinion. You should listen to others opinion.
Aggressive level ★★★

D. In your work place, your thinking ability is excellent, and you are very good in doing judgement. For sure, there is nothing can beat you.
Aggressive level ★★★★★★


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