When is the time for you to march to success?

march to success

When is the time for you to march to success?

Today you and your lover go for a walk at a field, when you look up, there is a red sparrow. Where do you think it is flying to?

A. Highland at northwest / swamp at west
B. Garden at south
C. Forest at east / tea plantation at southeast
D. Sea at the north
E. Mountain at northeast / field at southwest

Test Results:

A. Don’t talk about march to success, it is good enough if you can keep your job. Always stay low profile and never clash with your superior or leader.

B. This recently you have a good opportunity, maybe with the leading of your leader, you have a great opportunity to play your strength. Try your best and don’t miss out the chance.

C. This recently, you job doesn’t going smooth. You earn less than what you paid for, this makes you feel helpless. So far, you have not much opportunity to perform yourself, try to motivate yourself to do through this period of low tide.

D. Although your working life is quite busy, but you got the chance to perform yourself and you gain something from it. If you are doing something related to business, then you will have a good achievement.

E. Your superior and colleagues support you a lot. You must grab the chance and try your very best to perform.


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