How is your market rate in your workplace

market rate

How is your market rate in your workplace

One day when you realized that you were caught by alien, what would you do next?

A. Think some way to run away
B. Play dead or pretend to sleep
C. Begging them to release you

Test Results:

A. Market rate = 55
You are a rising star which be able to be the next queen or king. This kind of person are very confident to themselves and invest on their professionalism. They will grab the chance to study and work hard if they are given the chance to do so. They will perform impressively.

B. Market rate = 99
You are expected to be excellent. Other than their effort, they also having high EQ and willing to share and tolerate with others. Even if they became popular, they will also share the happiness to other people. Thus, people not only think that you are doing well in your career, but also having good personalities.

C. Market rate = 20
Eventually you will success if you keep putting effort. This kind of person always work hard silently without hoping getting attention from others. What they wish is to fulfil their obligation. You believe that as long as you work hard step by step, you will success one day.


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