Do you need to get mary mary?

mary mary

Do you need to get mary mary?

Your friend toasts you, how much will you drink the first sip?

A. Drink half of it
B. Just drink a little bit
C. Finish it in one go

Test Results:

A. When you reach certain age, you want to look for someone to get mary mary. This kind of person know what kind of person is suitable for them. As time passes, they had experienced many kinds of relationship, now they just want to settle down.

B. You are very family-oriented, and this make people want to marry you. This kind of person will not take initiative to chase after opposite sex. Their personalities which is caring and responsible attract people. If there is an opportunity, people might want to have closer relationship with you.

C. Your personalities are unpredictable, and this causes people to feel insecure. This kind of person enjoy their current life very much, and they feel they are many more interesting things to be explored. Thus, they don’t feel like settle down.


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