Are you afraid to meet strangers?

meet strangers

Some people like to be lively, some people like to be alone, and others are even afraid to face up with strangers. Are you afraid to meet strangers? Look at the next question and you will know.


Begin the Test:

If you have dreamed one day and dreamed of your childhood, you walked with your dog in a forest. But suddenly, it began to thunder and it was dark on one side. At this time, terrible things happened. So, what do you think of this terrible thing?

A) A monster you’ve never seen is running towards you

B) Your dog suddenly becomes mad and wants to attack you

C) The thunder and lightning hit a tree and caught fire


Test Result:

Choose A:      You are scared to face the stranger. On the surface, you are confident, but in fact, you are very afraid to get along with strangers. You are always afraid of people discovering your weaknesses or weaknesses, so they are not good at you. In the end, you are too concerned about the opinions of others.


Choose B:      Don’t say strangers face to face, you are afraid to see anyone’s eyes. You are a bit suspicious and think that others are staring at you. In fact, others do not care so much about you. If you think about it, you can easily relax.


Choose C:      You can face each other very frankly, because you are very concerned about your own growth, and you are willing to learn from others the ability to adapt to society. Your self-confidence is also just right, and your knowledge of yourself is in place. So even a stranger with a great disparity, you can get along well with it.



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