Do you have a strong memory chip in your brain?

memory chip

Some people remember what they have just read, but in the next second, they will totally forget what they had read just now, while some people has a photographic memory, so how is your memory chip in your brain? Let’s take the test below and find out.


Begin the Test:

You’re like the director of Titanic searching for treasure, you know there are might be treasures on this old ship. But this ship has so many rooms and all the floor materials are different, where do you think the treasury is hiding?

A): The room with carved carpet

B): The room with wood floor

C): The room with marble floor

D): The room with glass floor


Test Result:

Choose A:         Your memory is very strange it’s sometimes good and sometimes bad. Sometimes you will turn around and forget everything just happened a second ago and sometimes you can clearly remember the most complicate thing.


Choose B:         You have horrible memories, somebody can tell you something in the morning and you will totally forget about it by the afternoon.


Choose C:         You have an average memory, but some memories can stuck in your mind for a long time, such like a bad experience, you will remember it forever. That’s might be what is called the selective memory.


Choose D:         You have a super memory, a person weighs photographic memory. Your specialty is remember directions, you must be famous to your friends because of your memory. Doesn’t matter where you go, all it takes is one time and you will remember even things. Even things happened a long time ago, you still can remember and that is truly admirable.



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