Test how is your memory strategies?

memory strategies

Memory is an important ability for human beings. But everyone’s memory level is quite different, therefore how is your memory strategies? Is it as good as you thought? Let us look at this question to see the result in your heart.


Begin the Test:

You are living in a big city, but you always want to find some greens in the modern construction. Then, based on your instinct, what is the green you are looking for?

A) A lush tree

B) A fresh seedling

C) Leaf and flower

D) Plant that bear fruit


Test Result:

Choose A:      Your memory is very good, basically you can clearly remember everything other people told you, and very reliable. You are very detailed, you can always complete the tasks perfectly and very organized, no matter how complicated the project is, you always have a clear plan.


Choose B:      You are very clumsy, don’t have a very good memory. People tell you something and you forgot all about it the very next second. Others are always worried about you because of your clumsiness. As clumsy as you are, there’s always going to need someone to clean up after you. You need to fix this problem in order to grow.


Choose C:      You have bad memory, but it depends. You will take notes on major matters, and be cautious about it. But on minor things, you are very clumsy. Such like, you always lost umbrella or wallet when you go out, or forgot your keys and can’t get back home.


Choose D:      First, you can keep secrets. You have a lot of secrets in your heart, and you will not forget. But, in life, you are easy going. You will remember the things need to be remembered, and forget the things that need to be forgotten, pay attention to the things that need to be careful of. You have a very rich heart, but people can’t enter your heart easily. You will only talk heart-to-heart and share your secrets with your closest friends.



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