What midlife crisis stages will you face?

midlife crisis stages

What midlife crisis stages will you face?

You laid on a soft grassy lawn and fall asleep after picnicking with your friends. You were awakened by some noise. What would you think the noise is?
A. Mobile phone ringtone
B. The roar of the aircraft engine that flew over
C. Your friend called your name
D. Chirps of birds

Test Results:

A. You might face midlife crisis stages in your career. It doesn’t mean that your career will be in a slump because there is always opportunity hidden in crisis. One thing to be assured that there will something critical awaiting you to settle it. You better get prepared before it. Stay alert and stop dozing in working hour.

B. You might face a hysterical person in these three years. This person might be your unreasonable lover, troublesome immediate superior or a friend who fastened on you. In short, you will distract by the people around you with emotional problem.

C. You might be affected because of the interpersonal relationship between you and your colleagues or superior. If you are a student, you might find yourself hard to get adapted to the new learning environment. In these three years, you can’t escape from interpersonal relationship issue. Just relax yourself and interact with other with an opened heart, but not depends on ‘communication skill’.

D. If you are a parent, you might be distracted by your children’s education issue. Or else you are planning to further study to get a better job. If you are a student, you need a good reference book and good teacher. You will succeed in a particular field if you keep unlock your potential.


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