What is missing from your life?

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What is missing from your life?

After you have selected your clothes and paid for them, what are you likely to regret?


A.    The brand is unknown or poor quality

B.    The price is too expensive

C.     Dislike the style or color

D.    It is not the right size

E.     The style is outdated


Test Results:


A.    You like to be appreciated. Especially in the ability, status or fame. Your high taste turns you a high consumer unconsciously. You better reflect upon yourself if you are chasing money just to spend it. What you need the most is to perform better in your career in order to be gain attention from others.

B.     You have good concept with money and good at managing money. But you are always bothered by all the little things and the temptations which make you unable to concentrate on your career. What you need is to upgrade your expertise so that you can make a better living. After making a lot of money, you can manage your money happier.

C.     You often criticize others, and even mad at others. It may seem like you are very demanding, in fact, those high expectation influences you from thinking properly. You often ask for opinions from others, but you feel that other’s opinions are worse than yours. What you really need is to improve your own taste in order to make decisions that are not easy to be influenced by others.

D.    You like to be relaxed, happy and carefree. Your casual character makes you popular among people. You often make surprising decisions on a whim. You curious on everything and fear nothing. What you really need is to train yourself to be not just a bold person, but a careful person. So far, you are rather careless.

E.     You have a very naive and energetic personality. You enjoy making friends and like to hang out with your friends. At the same time, you have a strong winning desire. Thus, you need to train yourself for a particular aspect of ability, in order to gain satisfaction for your desire.


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