Do you have monophobia?


Many people don’t like to be alone, they always need to do something or with someone to spend the time. And some people enjoy to be along, they can think quietly. So which kind person are you? Do you have monophobia?? Let us see now.


Begin the Test:

If you are a parent, at night, your baby wants to watch TV, but you want he/she to study. What will you say?

A): Baby, you have to study hard in order to get good grades.

B): Baby be good, you have to go study after this is over.

C): Good baby, listen to mommy/daddy!

D): Baby, you go study, mommy/daddy will buy you that toy you like so much tomorrow.


Test Result:

Choose A:         You enjoy being alone. You actually feel more lonely in crowd. You think the world is so fake, and you are fighting this secular all by yourself. You are a lonely and pride person.


Choose B:         You think lonely is depending on the timing. When you are by yourself at night, you actually don’t feel that lonely. But, when you are facing trouble by yourself, you will feel very lonely.


Choose C:         You sees lonely as a realm. The more you see in this world, the prettier you think loneliness is. But usually, when you are lonely, you will get right back to the world, increase your knowledge to get rid of the loneliness.


Choose D:         You can’t stand being alone. You feel you are abandoned by the world when you encounter trouble.



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